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Leafing is a very fine art work and only an experienced applicator can create the finesse. The work involves a series of steps that need to be executed with perfection. Starting from application of the adhesive upto the final task of burnishing.
We take care that the best of the material is used and the compete procedure is followed in every step. We apply the right quantity of adhesive after properly cleaning and drying the surface. We see to it that no hurry is made in any of the precesses.

While most people use imitation leaf, we can also use 18 karat gold leaf as per your requirement. By using imitation, you can reduce cost much more than what you'd pay for real gold leaf.

We can also create special effects in the leaf work as per your requirement. this can be done by creating wrinkles and bubbles while burnishing. You can get either smooth finishes or wrinkle finish or the combination of special effects.

Various leaf work that we can do for you are :

Silver leafing

Champagne Leafing

Copper Leafing

Antique leafing

Crackle Leafing

Gold painting ( Italian special effect paints )

Silver painting ( Italian special effect paints )

High end designer texture paint finishes

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